IDF soldier in Gush Etzion
IDF soldier in Gush EtzionIDF Spokesperson

IDF soldiers and Border Police officers operated on Thursday to arrest wanted suspects in the jurisdiction of the Etzion Regional Brigade.

Soldiers from the reserve battalion 9207 held a special operation in the Dheisha "Refugee" Camp and arrested two wanted terrorists.

In addition, during an operation in the Zo'atra area in the Etzion region, troops from the Tavor Battalion arrested two wanted terrorists and questioned many suspects.

The troops located and seized two handguns and additional weapons.

Major Matan Hakim, a company commander from Battalion 9207, summed up the activity: "Tonight the battalion's forces under the command of the Etzion Brigade launched offensive action in the Dheisha "Refugee" Camp. Our forces arrested two wanted terrorists. The battalion will continue to work to remove any threat on the citizens of the State of Israel and the residents of the area."