IDF Spokesman Daniel Hagari
IDF Spokesman Daniel HagariFlash90

IDF Spokesman Rear Admiral Daniel Hagari addressed the press on Thursday and spoke about the panic-inducing warnings by the head of the IDF Intelligence Directorate about a response to the elimination of senior figures of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps in Syria.

"For the past half year, we have been in a multi-front war and on high alert on all fronts. We look at the threats and foil them all the time. We are constantly assessing the situation and take everything that the enemy says seriously," Hagari stated.

He added: "We bolstered the preparedness of the combat units as needed, we reinforced the defense arrays, and we have planes ready for defense and offense in a variety of scenarios.

"IDF forces are spread out well in defense and offense arrays on all borders. We can not be complacent and at the same time, it is important to emphasize that there has been no change to the Homefront Command's instructions. If there is a change we will update about it. My only recommendation is to be vigilant and responsible and to follow to see if there are changes," he emphasized.

Hagari noted that "in the past few days we proactively activated GPS blockers, this is to help neutralize some of the threats. We are aware that these disruptions cause discomfort."

Regarding remarks by the head of the IDF Intelligence Directorate, Maj. Gen. Aharon Haliva that it is not certain that the worst is behind us, Hagari stated: "We are contending with many threats, and in recent days threats were launched at Israel from several fronts, most of which were products of Iran. We intercepted a high percentage of them using both our defense arrays and the US Military's arrays. We have a multi-layered defense and we have planes in the sky around the clock. We are ready for all the scenarios. It has been happening for almost half a year, and still, when we need to bolster preparedness, we bolster, and when we need to sharpen preparedness, we sharpen."

Regarding the incident in which aid workers from WCK were killed, Hagari stated that "we presented the investigation into the serious incident in which members of WCK tragically found their deaths to the Chief of Staff. I will now be presented to the Prime Minister and Defense Minister. After we show it to the relevant ambassadors and WCK we will publish it for the public clearly and transparently. It will happen soon.