Senator Chuck Schumer
Senator Chuck SchumerReuters/SIPA USA

Upon first hearing Chuck Schumer proclaim himself as the “SHOMER” of the Jewish people, I was captivated by the promise of a dedicated leader. I was filled with feelings of reassurance from the things he was saying and gratitude to the person who was saying it.

However, repeated instances of failed leadership paint a starkly different picture.

Schumer’s declaration of being a “SHOMER,” translated from Yiddish as “watcher or protector,” is hollow in light of his actions, particularly in light of he most recent speeches in which he reprimanded the democratically elected leader of the independent State of Israel. He went further by telling Israel it should change leadership, calling for elections while IDF soldiers are in the midst of war. Of course, this call is made with the intent to tell Israel to elect a more acquiescent prime minister.

Diaspora Affairs Minister Shikli responded by politely putting Schumer in his place, telling him that the gates of aliya are open if he wants a say on who Israel's prime minister should be.

This is by no means the first time Shcumer acted as the anti-shomer . During the Obama administration’s debate on the Iran deal. Instead of demonstrating leadership, Schumer remained indecisive and ultimately voted against the deal without influencing his colleagues and when he knew it would pass anyway—a far cry from a protector.

The tragic irony lies in Schumer’s enabling of actions detrimental to the Jewish community’s interests, all while claiming to safeguard them. His primary concern appears to be self-preservation in the political arena, not the welfare of the Jewish people he purports to protect.

Schumer should abandon this misleading self-chosen title and confront the reality: he prioritizes his own political survival above all else, even if it means betraying the interests of those he claims to defend.

It’s time to stop the facade and hold Schumer accountable for his actions, rather than allowing him to hide behind empty promises of protection and the Hebrew associations with his name. A "SHOMER" he is decidedly not.

Daniel Rosen is the former leader of the TorchPAC pro-Israel group at New York University whose activism against campus antisemitism was reported on in the New York Post, the New York Sun, and multiple Jewish newspapers as well as the Village Voice. He worked for the Jewish Agency and now serves as co-CEO of a local family business. Daniel has also been published in, Israel national news, Times of Israel blog, frontage magazine, and the Long Island Jewish world. Currently, Daniel is the founder and president of Minds and Hearts, a pro Israel advocacy group. You can contact him at [email protected].