Muslim worshipers visit the Temple Mount
Muslim worshipers visit the Temple MountSliman Khader/Flash90

Just so you know.

This is what they have been chanting on the Temple Mount during their devout Ramadan prayers...

Cries in praise of Hamas:

"Khyber Khyber Ya Yehud Jish Muhammad Suf Ya'ud" translation - Jews, remember the battle of Khyber (of Prophet Muhammad against the Jews of Khyber)... Muhammad's army will return.

Additional chants:

"We are the descendants of Ahmed Yassin (founder of Hamas-AA)"

"Raise a sword against a sword, We are the people of Muhammad Deif." (Currently hiding underground with Yehiye Sinwar, protected by the human shields in the form of Israeli girls and Jewish mothers and children they snatched as hostages on 7 October.)"

"We will sacrifice our lives for you Sinwar..."

Of course, our Israeli police must not disturb them. It might cause a global backlash against Israel if they do.

The progressive Western world may take our reaction to be racist and Islamophobic. Heaven forfend.

So, better to let them shout out their Jew hatred, bigotry and threats, than we be considered racist.

Oh, the global hypocrisy!

Courtesy of Abu Ali Express and shown around the Arab speaking world, including to those living in the West.