Police chase (illustrative)
Police chase (illustrative)iStock

A security camera which captured footage of a Tuesday clash has revealed a scene embarrassing to Israel Police.

The footage shows two police officers attempting to arrest four suspects on two motorcycles in a Herzliya parking lot.

The four suspects aroused the police officers' interest, and the officers raced towards them and attempted to arrest them. Three of the suspects succeeded in escaping, while the fourth was detained by a police officer.

After a short struggle, the suspect succeeded in overcoming the police officer and escaping the scene. During the struggle, the police officers threatened to use their personal weapons.

Police are now working to locate the suspects and bring them to justice.

Israel Police responded: "Yesterday, during operational activity, officers noticed two motorcycles with four suspects riding on them in the area of Herzliya. The license plate numbers were concealed. Due to the suspicions, the officers aimed for contact, in an attempt to arrest the suspects, who resisted arrest and attacked the two police officers. None of the suspects attempted to steal a weapon from a police officer's hands."

"During the struggle with the police officers, four suspects escaped and the motorbike which was used by the suspects was confiscated. Police are working to locate those involved, and an investigation into the matter is ongoing."