Rep. Torres and Minister Gallant
Rep. Torres and Minister GallantDefense Ministry

Minister of Defense Yoav Gallant today (Tuesday) hosted U.S. Congressman Ritchie Torres at the Ministry of Defense Headquarters in Tel Aviv. Congressman Torres was joined by a delegation of Jewish and Christian spiritual leaders and senior officials in the New York Jewish Federation (UJA) - his hosts in Israel. Minister Gallant briefed the Congressman on developments in the war against the Hamas terrorist organization in Gaza, and efforts to ensure the release of 134 hostages. Minister Gallant discussed strategic challenges in the region and the proxy war conducted by Iran against Israel.

Minister Gallant also raised the importance of ensuring the strong ties between Israel and the United States continue, with an emphasis on defense cooperation and U.S. support for Israel as it works to achieve its goals in the war.

Minister Gallant stated: “The State of Israel does not have the moral right to cease operating until we ensure the return of all the hostages- and I emphasize - all the hostages, as well as dismantling Hamas as a governing and military authority. We value the United States’ steadfast support - Congressman Torres reflects our extraordinary ties and true friendship, as well as the importance of U.S. leadership in this region, at this time.”

Congressman Ritchie Torres said: “It was an honor to meet with Defense Minister Yoav Gallant. I came to Israel with a simple but essential message: that Israel is not alone. Israel has a right to defend itself against Hamas in the wake of October 7th, just like the United States had a right to defend itself against Al Qaeda in the wake of 9/11. The highest priority must be the release of the hostages and the removal of Hamas from power.”