Meir Rubin, CEO of the Kohelet Policy Forum
Meir Rubin, CEO of the Kohelet Policy ForumCourtesy

The Kohelet Policy Forum is significantly reducing its expenses, separating from dozens of team members, and cutting support for civilian organizations.

According to Israel Hayom, the forum's activity, which was at the center of social discourse this past year due to its involvement in promoting the judicial reform, is affected because already last summer one of its main donors announced that he is stopping all funding.

A source familiar with the forum's management said that since the outbreak of the war, most of the forum's management has served in the reserves, and its main activity was focused on assisting the war effort and the national strategy, in the political and economic contexts of winning the war.

The Kohelet Policy Forum stated: "The extent of Kohelet Policy Forum's activities has grown over the years, and we were able to establish new departments dealing with various policy issues, in which dozens of researchers worked. Since October 7th, the forum and its employees were focused on contributing to the national collective effort".

"Given recent events, and the need for budget reduction, we had to part with some dear and talented employees. We believe that we will overcome this difficult period, and even emerge stronger, to continue contributing to national sovereignty, individual freedom, and the separation of powers in the State of Israel," said the forum.