Gideon Sa'ar
Gideon Sa'arIsrael National News

Chairman of the New Hope Party MK Gideon Sa'ar said at the beginning of his party meeting in the Knesset that he proposed January 2025 as an agreed date for elections.

He opened his remarks by referring to the fallen soldiers, "I wish to participate in the sorrow and mourning of the family of Nadav Cohen of the 77th Battalion, who was killed in action in southern Gaza, and also in the mourning of the families of Alon Kudriashov and Sivan Weil, who fell in the same incident. May their memory be blessed. In this war, we are witnessing inspiring courage and sacrifice by our soldiers at the front."

Sa'ar continued: "After six months, there is no escaping from challenging the perceptions led by the War Cabinet and examining where they lead. For a long time, I warned that prolonging the occupation of the Strip and the complete elimination of Hamas battalions over such a long time harms the national interest in many aspects. Before our eyes, a strategic reversal has occurred: Israel has been talking about the south of the Strip - Rafah - but has not entered it. On the other hand, in negotiations for a new hostage framework, which unfortunately, is not conducted from a position of strength, Hamas demands to return to the north of the Strip".

"Make no mistake: it's not only the return of its residents that Hamas demands. In fact, it demands the restoration of its governmental and military power in the north of the Strip," Sa'ar added and said that "At the same time, the failure in the way humanitarian aid is distributed in the Strip continues, something that strengthens Hamas against the civilian population, in a manner contrary to the war's objectives. This also contributes to their obstinacy in negotiations."

According to him, "As long as no fundamental change occurs in this matter as part of a change in direction in managing the war in general, Israel will not bring about a reduction of Hamas. Only a change in direction will help us bring Hamas to a point where it would be possible to achieve a framework for the release of hostages. The way the campaign is managed affects the achievement or non-achievement of all its goals".

Sa'ar addressed the issue of elections and said that "In order to allow a national focus on the war, it is also necessary to reach a broad agreement around the time of returning the mandate to the people. Arriving now at an agreed date for elections, taking into account the needs of the ongoing war, is the correct course of action. A national soul-searching after October 7th is required. We proposed January 2025 as such a possible agreed date. Israel needs not only a soul-searching but also repair, rejuvenation, and hope".

On the issue of investigating the massacre, Sa'ar said that "A state investigation committee for the greatest failure in the history of the state, its policy, intelligence, and operations - is essential and should be established promptly. Of course, time will be required until its actual appointment and the beginning of its work. But for it to be able to start working within a reasonable time, it is necessary now to approach defining its mandate and setting timelines. It will not harm the war or impede the soldiers at the front. But it is vital so that when we get to the elections - the picture of responsibility of all those responsible in the political and professional domains be clear and presented to the people. Here too, procrastination will not serve any true national need".

On the issue of the draft law, Sa'ar said that "The New Hope Party I lead stands behind of the value of service in the IDF and those serving in the IDF. A significant, real change is required in this matter, and not more of the same things that have been in the past. Unfortunately, as of this moment, we have not seen a fair, just outline that meets the needs of the state and the IDF."