This month, mother of nine Sari Betzalel shared a horrified message for the public. It all began when complete and utter disaster struck- Her husband was hit by a car.

“He was on the sidewalk when suddenly a car jumped onto the curb and ran him over,” she writes.

“Aharon is now in Sheba Tel Hashomer Hospital where he is fighting multiple severe injuries, including memory and hearing loss. His life depends on expensive specialized drugs and treatments that are not covered by insurance. Without them, the doctors have said don’t know how much time he has left.”

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The family admits they are enduring an absolute nightmare.

“Our oldest is 17 and our youngest is only 2. Every ticking second is a thief, stealing precious moments from our future with him.”

Donations are being collected to help save this beloved young father, who is only 40 years old.

“We are racing against time, battling to keep our family whole. I beg you, from the depths of a broken heart, if you have the means, please help us. Your support could be the miracle that saves Aharon and spares our children from the agony of losing their father so young.”