Protesters outside the Knesset
Protesters outside the KnessetKaplan Protest

Anti-government demonstrators on Sunday evening held a protest with the participation of thousands outside the Knesset building in Jerusalem.

The demonstrators demanded that the elections be moved up while shouting against Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu: "You are in charge, you are guilty".

The demonstrators at the rally called for a week of protests against the government and announced that they would continue to hold demonstrations outside the Knesset in the coming days.

Opposition leader Yair Lapid spoke at the demonstration and blasted the Prime Minister. "There is only one thing that is important to Netanyahu - to remain in office. Let the country burn, the main thing is the office. How is it that Netanyahu did not disappear from our lives forever after October 7?"

"This week they are taking the Knesset into recess, in the middle of the war. This is a delusion. We tried to fight it. We told them that the reservists don't have a recess. The hostages don't have a recess. They don’t care," Lapid said.