Israeli police in the Negev
Israeli police in the NegevFlash90

Residents of the village of Retamim in the Negev desert, where one of the local security response team members shot and killed a Bedouin who infiltrated the village, sent a letter to the police on Sunday in which they wrote that they feel threatened by the slain infiltrator's tribe, Kan News reported.

"We are suffering from daily harassment and threats by the nearby tribe," they wrote to the police, Southern District Commander Amir Cohen, and Commander of the Segev Shalom Station Ronen Amram.

Since the incident, the residents wrote that they "are witness to a non-stop campaign of threats and defamation which includes burning tires on the access road, posts on social media, hanging signs on all the roads in the area which call the member of the security team a 'murderer' and call not to stop the struggle until he pays the price."

The residents also wrote that "these actions that were committed on the nearby roads at night are enough to cause a feeling of a lack of safety and great fear among the residents of a possible action to harm the residents of the village."

The residents noted that the sign for the village at the Retamim Junction was vandalized with the symbol of the infiltrator's tribe, which according to them is "a threat, marking territory, and a declaration of intentions."

The residents demanded that the police enforce the law, "Prevent the hanging of inciting signs, arrest those who hang them, spread hate and lies, and those who threaten civilians."