Her Eyes Are Saying "Don't Send Me Away"
Her Eyes Are Saying "Don't Send Me Away"צילום: Courtesy

After ping-ponging between hospital and home for the past 8 years, Gila Miriam Ghermiza, an ALS patient, is now reunited with her family.

However, due to her medical condition, she can’t be transported easily, and the family is making their final choice between keeping her at home or moving her permanently back to the hospital.

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Their story was made public in a series of video statements and public letters. The family now shared their feelings on the decision they are faced with.

The father shared, “We have 9 children, and they need their mother. Although my wife is paralyzed, she can communicate with us through her eyes, and you can’t put a value on having a mother at home to talk to. But I’m also worried about my wife. Who should be caring for her: unfamiliar nurses or her husband and children?

”However, the family is facing an obstacle that appears insurmountable. The cost of keeping her home is $10,000 per month, and 8 years of care have understandably drained the family’s finances and left them deeply in debt. Although they’ve managed until now, they can’t do it anymore.

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A fund has been created to raise money to keep her at home and keep her alive. Without help, she’ll be forced back to hospital, for what could be a permanent separation from her husband and children.

The mother publicly stated, “My kids need me. They need me alive, and they need me home. You have no idea how badly we need the money, and what a difference every donation makes.”

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