Amit Segal
Amit SegalHaim Twito

Some of the hostages' families on Saturday blamed Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu for the fact that there has not yet been a prisoner swap deal which would bring their loved ones home, and demanded that he resign his position.

Channel 12 News analyst Amit Segal pointed out that while the call had been made in the name of "the hostages' families," in Hebrew "mishpachot hachatufim," the letter "hey" at the start of "hachatufim," a prefix which translates to "the," should not be there.

He noted that without the "hey," the phrase would read, "mishpachot chatufim," or "families of hostages," instead of "the hostages' families."

This difference, he stressed, is important, because not all of the families of hostages believe that Netanyahu should resign, or support a prisoner swap deal at any price. Thus, those who are calling for Netanyahu's resignation should not speak as though they represent all of the hostages' families.

The Tikva Forum issued a statement echoing this sentiment, saying, "The Tikva Forum, which units families of hostages, demands all media and journalists reporting on the rallies and the activities of hostages' families to stop saying, 'mishpachot ha chatufim,' (the hostages' families) and instead say, 'mishpachot shel chatufim' (families of hostages)."

"The Tikva Forum claims that a significant number of hostages' families are shocked at the political actions which hostages' families have chosen to take beginning this evening."