David Bedein, Director of the Israel Resource news agency
David Bedein, Director of the Israel Resource news agencycourtesy

After 38 years of working with the reporters in Jerusalem, these are some thoughts.

The PLO makes it clear: it is in a full state of war to obliterate israel.

The PLO shows no pretense of recognition or reconciliation with a Jewish State in any way, shape, or form.

As a journalist who has covered UNRWA, the PLO, and its administrative arm the PA since 1987, with the assistance of Arab and Jewish reporters who are fluent in Arabic on the Phd level, I have documented that the PLO:

*Never cancelled its 1964 covenant;

*Never ratified the 1993 Oslo peace accord;

*Initiated a new school curriculum in 2000 which indoctrinates total war with the Jews;

*Enacted unprecedented legislation in 2015 that mandates a salary for life for anyone who murders a Jew.

Those who promote a "two-state solution," which the PLO has rejected, are masters of fraud.

And then there is UNRWA, the United Nations Relief and Works Agency, which our news and research agency has also covered since 1987, producing 25 movies shot on location in UNRWA refugee camps, along with our numerous studies of UNRWA education.

UNRWA confines five million descendants of Arabs who left Israel in 1948 to live the indignity as "refugees in perpetuity", in 59 "temporary" refugee camps, brainwashed by the premise and promise of the "right of return by force of arms", funded with a budget of 1.6 billion dollars which flow from 67 nations and 33 relief agencies, with little accountability or transparency, so that every UNRWA penny can be invested in the war on the Jews.

What can be done?

While the PA operates under the terror agenda of the PLO, UNRWA operates under the umbrella of the United Nations.

However, with the funding of the European Parliament, we have documented that the Hamas terrorist organization dominates the UNRWA teachers union and the UNRWA workers union.

Where are the world's courts of law?

UNRWA, as a UN entity, enjoys immunity from prosecution.

However, those who work for UNRWA can be brought to justice.

I have thoroughly checked out the legalities of UNRWA.

I have been advised by our lawyers that UNWRA does enjoy immunity -- as a UN entity.

That immunity does not apply to UNRWA personnel, who can be held liable for criminal prosecution.

Consider UN cars that double-park on Second Avenue in New York City. The NYPD issues tickets to the driver, not to the UN.

We now launch a campaign lawyer to sue UNRWA employees involved with these felonies:

*Murder, kidnapping, and rape.

*Arming underage children.

*Using school books which idolize murderers.

*Storing weapons, ammunition, and missiles in UNRWA schools.

*Allowing terrorists to use schools as launching pads.

*Facilitating the resale of donated medical equipment.

*Overseeing the marketing of weapons and narcotics.

*Allowing a system of UNRWA cash donations to finance organized crime.

*Building terror tunnels underneath UNRWA facilities.

*Witnessing Sex Trafficking of UNRWA personnel.

*Running youth clubs whose theme is the murder of Jews.

*Decorating UNRWA schools with murals that glorify murder.

We are learning from success in the removal of UNRWA high commissioner Peter Hansen.

We covered an international conference for UNRWA donors in 2004 in Geneva.

We asked Hansen to explain why UNRWA allows Hamas on the staff of UNRWA.

We shared with the conference our study, financed by the European Parliament, documenting that between 85% and 90% of the elected UNRWA workers and teachers unions were elected on the Hamas slate.

That trend continues to this day.

Hansen thanked me for our report and said that he saw nothing wrong with Hamas on the staff of UNRWA, saying that he does not check the religious affiliations of UNRWA personnel.

Hansen's strange response was reported on CBC.

We reported Hansen's response to Kofi Annan, then the head of the UN, and to entire United Nations Correspondents Association.

That resulted in the UN removal of Peter Hansen as the head of the UNRWA.

It just shows that change at UNRWA is possible. We just have to fight.