Kidnapped in Gaza
Kidnapped in GazaMiriam Alster/FLASH90

Some of the families of the hostages stated Saturday in a press release that Prime Minister Netanyahu is the obstacle to a deal, and announced that from now on they will act to replace him.

The statement made by about 20 families was opened by Ayala Mizrachi, the wife of the kidnapped Yoram Mizrachi, who said: "This is the 176th day that our family members are in Gaza. It's hard for us to say the following but we have no choice. The one who left us no choice is the Prime Minister who rejects proposals and takes a hard line. He prevents an Israeli proposal in the negotiations and insists on conducting it himself. Does it seem logical to you that the negotiation be conducted according to one person? The coalition pursues a policy of disregard for the hostages' families. The hostages are still in Gaza. This is a complete and deliberate failure."

Einav Tsengauker, the mother of the kidnapped Matan Tsengauker, continued: "Prime Minister - you are the obstacle to the deal, you deliberately prevent a deal and therefore we will do everything in our power to remove the obstacle - you. Today we are forced to start a new stage in the struggle and from now on we will act immediately to replace you. We will demonstrate and call for your dismissal. We will demonstrate and call for your dismissal, we will publicly pursue you we will not rest until you vacate your seat for another leader."

Yael Or, the aunt of the kidnapped Dror Or, added: "We call on the Knesset members whose conscience screams to them that we must recover the hostages - help us to bring back our kidnapped, help Israel to make the right decision now. [Benny] Gantz and [Gadi] Eizenkot, we expect you to act to save the kidnapped. This is your moral obligation. Do what is necessary to replace Netanyahu. Likud members, show courage, listen to your conscience and the cries of the kidnapped and the kidnapped - act to replace Netanyahu immediately."

The nephew of the kidnapped Avraham Mondar, Shahar Mor, said: "The person who left us no choice is Netanyahu. We saw him rejecting cabinet meetings, rejecting discussions, and rejecting proposals offered by professionals. We saw him rejecting an Israeli proposal that would be presented, and this week he went further and said that he will be the only one managing the negotiations. Is it logical that the decision about the hostages should remain in the hands of one person? They offered us to stay quiet, to travel around the world, but six months later our loved ones are still held in Gaza. This is a complete failure, a deliberate failure."