David Ben-Avraham's final moments
David Ben-Avraham's final momentsBody-cam

Interior Minister Moshe Arbel has posthumously accepted the residency request of the Palestinian Arab convert from Hebron, David Ben-Avraham, who was tragically killed by an IDF soldier last week.

Arbel stated: "We have to learn lessons from this painful incident which cost the life of David Ben-Avraham and we will work to the best of our abilities to uphold the will of the deceased to be part of the Jewish people. The acceptance of his request for Israeli residency does justice, even if it's late and under tragic circumstances, justice must be done."

In the past day, sad and concerning footage was published showing the final moments of Ben-Avraham's life outside the town of Elazar in Gush Etzion.

Samah Zaitun, who converted and changed his name to David Ben-Avraham, was suspected by the reservists as a terrorist after a knife was found in his backpack.

In the footage, the soldier is heard asking the convert to put his hands up. After Ben-Avraham stood near the backpack, the soldier fired two shots at his lower body, killing him.

In the video, he is heard telling the soldier that he is a Jew, but the soldier does not believe him. Ben-Avraham had a complex life after he converted and suffered harassment by his Muslim neighbors in Hebron.