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Hesder Yeshiva (archive)Flash 90

Thousands of students from Hesder yeshivas, who combine Torah study with IDF service, who enlisted in March 2023 are expected to be released next summer, but they still do not know if they will be released and return to the yeshivas or if, due to the war, their service will be extended.

With the outbreak of the war, the service of many soldiers from the Hesder units was extended, but since the outbreak of the war, half a year has passed and it is not yet known if the urgency for extending the service, which was necessary then, will continue now.

The IDF Spokesperson's Office commented: "Due to operational needs and according to the ongoing situation assessment, the entry of soldiers to reserve service and the release of soldiers to the Hesder unpaid service are examined regularly.

"The decision regarding the draft cohorts whose release date is next summer will be made according to the situation assessment and the operational needs".