Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu met on Wednesday with a bipartisan delegation of representatives of the US Congress initiated by AIPAC.

At the beginning of the meeting, Prime Minister Netanyahu thanked the delegation members for coming and for their support and the widespread support of Israel by the American people.

He briefed the visitors on the war in Gaza and answered their questions.

"It's great to see all of you you've been longtime friends of Israel, you're great supporters. It's very important for us to maintain bipartisan support at all times, but especially in these trying times, and I want to use this opportunity of our conversation to try to straighten out and also dispel some of the things that are being said about our bipartisan alliance and the importance of maintaining it," Netanyahu told the delegation.

"I don't know if you know this but uh I think it was about a week ago or two, Iran officially launched along with Hezbollah a campaign in which the formal policy is to shift from an ideological position of destroying Israel to a practical long-term plan to bring about the destruction of the state," he added.

"We have to win. There is no substitute for victory," the Prime Minister said. As for how to do so he said that it is a big question, "but it starts with a necessary condition and that condition is that those who launched this genocidal attack must be defeated."

Regarding the means to reach that goal, Netanyahu stated: What we've set out at the outset, with the support of President Biden and the administration's important support which we appreciate deeply, was to say the first thing our goal is to destroy the military and governing capabilities of Hamas in Gaza. Hamas has to be eliminated, not as an idea. Nazism wasn't destroyed as an idea in World War II, but Nazis do not govern Germany there are still neo-nazis around but you destroyed that organization. The second thing was to get our hostages out, and their simultaneous goals because the military action is what produces the pressure to release the hostages. We've released half, we intend to release all of them. The third thing is to ensure that indeed Gaza doesn't pose a threat to Israel again.

"These are the goals. Israel is united behind these goals as never before. The army, I don't know if you met soldiers, you have to talk to them, the Courage, the self-sacrifice, the unity is amazing, it's just amazing."