Antony Blinken
Antony BlinkenREUTERS/Sarah Silbiger

Robert Harris is a news editor who has worked in television and newspapers in the United States, Asia and the Middle East

What kind of people are leading America? Apparently, if we listen to them it could well be the end of Israel.

Indeed, how many Israeli soldiers have died because of Joe Biden and Antony Blinken’s demands to resupply the Hamas savages, while the Americans simultaneously work to slow the battlefield progress of the IDF?

How much closer has the Middle East been brought to a regional war because of Biden-Blinken’s mishandling of global affairs?

Just as Israel continues to pay the highest price of any country due to the actions of the US State Department and White House when their so-educated idiots brought to power the mad ayatollahs of Iran, so it is Israel that paid the price on October 7 when Iran smelled a weak United States and unleashed its Hamas animals to invade the south.

What was the link between the American surrender in Afghanistan and the Iranians releasing their Hamas forces on Israel?

All the Israeli public can do is observe what happened following the American rout in Afghanistan.

After seeing the enfeebled Biden and the impotent Blinken fumbling on the world stage as the Americans ran from Afghanistan, the Russians committed the greatest military aggression in Europe since World War II when they invaded Ukraine, with the intent to wipe the country out.

And just to make sure they maintained their string of disastrous decisions, the Biden-Blinken response to the Russian invasion was to offer to evacuate Ukrainian President Vladamir Zelensky, the man who has single-handedly rallied his countrymen to fight off the Russians.

How many decisions can Biden-Blinken get dangerously wrong?

Adding to his sins, it was Blinken who was the deputy secretary of state with responsibilities for Syria in the Obama administration when he helped to orchestrate “inviting” the Russians to re-enter the Middle East to fill the power vacuum the ignorant and gutless Obama had created.

Remember the Obama-Blinken retreat from leadership when the US drew red lines that the Syrians were warned not to cross….then did so with no consequences.

And tragically, with one move, Blinken-Obama erased the extraordinary accomplishments of former US Secretary of State Henry Kissinger, who expelled the Russians from the Middle East after the 1973 war.

Did Blinken and Biden not know of past American efforts to secure its interests in the Middle East after the 1973 war? Do they read books? Do they understand history?

And again it is Israel that pays the price for this American blunder and retreat in the Middle East as the Russians now seek to control the skies over Syria and beyond and impair the Israel Air Force.

And so the American collapse continues. Just recently, Blinken met with Israeli Minister of Defense Yoav Gallant. Afterwards, the US spokesman piously recited, “The Secretary underscored that alternatives exist to a major ground invasion that would both better ensure Israel’s security and protect Palestinian civilians. Secretary Blinken also discussed the need to immediately surge and sustain additional humanitarian assistance to meet the needs of civilians in Gaza.”

The needs of civilians? How did Blinken handle the needs of the millions of women civilians when he ran away from Afghanistan? Well, there are now 14 million women in Afghanistan who cannot walk outside their homes unescorted, cannot attend schools and cannot work.

Didn’t all those Harvard educated analysts, those State Department wise men, warn Biden-Blinken that the result of their surrendering Afghanistan to the Taliban would mean enslaving those 14 million women?

And this is the Blinken who dares to tell Israel what is best for us?

Or how about when Blinken told Israel how to wage war on March 13, lecturing us that “protecting civilians, getting people the assistance they need — that has to be job number one, even as they do what is necessary to defend the country and to deal with the threat posed by Hamas.”

While Israel is in the midst of a war, how can a foreign policy professional say such a thing? Is he naive or an idiot?

So what should we in Israel conclude?

Perhaps that America is allowed to win wars, but Israel is not?

That America can drive its troops forward without regard to civilians, but Israel cannot?

That America does not have to resupply its enemies during war, but Israel does?

When the war in Gaza is over, perhaps what Israel needs to consider is that there is no future in being allied to a crumbling America. The American wealth is seductive, but maybe it is time to say thanks and move on.

For as we in Israel witness the collapse of the West and America, for the sake of Israel’s survival it needs to be allied with countries that share our values.

For we are tragically watching from afar the collapse of American cities, academia, media, culture and even the US Congress.

Critically, Israel must draw on our Jewish past and remember that we have lived through the collapse of hundreds of empires, and the Jewish people survived.

For the sake of Israel’s future, we need to ally ourselves with countries that believe in themselves.

And unbelievably, that may no longer include the United States of America.