Shlomo Kleinerman
Shlomo KleinermanIDU

Shlomo Kleinerman, age 14 from Modi'in Illit, missing since Wednesday morning, after he escaped from the yeshiva he studies in, has been found in Jerusalem after hours of searching.

At 7:00a.m., Kleinerman left the Kiryat Malachi yeshiva he studies and sleeps in. He updated his mother at 8:30a.m., informing her that he had run away from school. The school management filed a complaint with the police, due to the sensitivity of the matter, and a missing person file was opened.

"The Kleinerman family hopes that Shlomo will quickly return home," they said.

Shlomo is the younger brother of Moishe Kleinerman, who went missing two years ago in the Meron region.

Media personality Ariel Elharar, who is accompanying the family, said that Gitty Kleinerman, the boys' mother, is "under enormous pressure, and in addition to the police framework which is dealing with it and searching for him right now, she also calls on the public to be alert and search."

"If you have found him, or seen him, call to report it to the police immediately, before it is too late, G-d forbid," he stressed.