Amit Soussana reunites with her dog after being freed
Amit Soussana reunites with her dog after being freedWolfson Medical Center

Released hostage Amit Soussana, 40, described in an interview with the New York Times today (Tuesday) how she was sexually assaulted by her captor after she was kidnapped by Hamas terrorists on October 7.

Soussana stated that she was beaten and kidnapped by ten men on October 7. She was then left chained by her ankle in a child's bedroom in Gaza until October 24, when the first assault occurred.

She described how her captor, Muhammad, held a gun to her head and assaulted her. The Times agreed not to publish the details of what happened.

Soussana was finally released on November 30 after 55 days in captivity, on the last day of the hostage deal.

The Times stated that her account is consistent with what she told doctors and social workers immediately following her release.

Soussana is the first freed hostage to publically speak of the sexual assaults she endured while in Hamas captivity. She became a symbol of heroism when footage was published in January showing her fighting with the terrorists who kidnapped her to Gaza.

When one of the terrorists picked her up and attempted to carry her on his back, Soussana's struggles caused him to fall to the ground.

In January, she returned to the ruins of Kfar Aza, where she spoke publically of her ordeals for the first time.

"They took me on foot from the kibbutz to the Gaza Strip border. The kidnapping was very violent. I kept resisting until they eventually tied me up by my legs and arms and dragged me to the floor. It took them over an hour to drag me to the border. I was beaten up really badly, my entire face and body bruised and swollen.

"I was alone for a couple of weeks with Hamas armed soldiers guarding me the entire time. There was little food. All the guards were heavily armed and abused me and the other hostages. I was also held in a Hamas tunnel, 40 meters deep, where there was no oxygen and very little food. The tomb-like tunnel was dark and damp, and it felt as if we were buried alive. We were held in such inhumane conditions. No person should ever be subjected to such brutal and ruthless treatment.

Soussana continued: "You are not allowed to speak, not allowed to cry, and not even allowed to comfort each other when times get really bad. I was under emotional and physical terror the entire 55 days I was held in captivity. Feeling like every moment can be my last.”

Israeli President Isaac Herzog praised Soussana and said following the publication of the Times interview, "Amit Soussana speaks for all those who cannot speak. She speaks for all the victims of Hamas’ despicable sexual crimes and abuse. She speaks for all women everywhere."

"The whole world has the moral duty to stand with Amit - and all the victims - in condemning Hamas’s brutal terror, and in demanding the immediate return of all the hostages," Herzog said.