Dr. Shuki Friedman, vice-president of the Jewish People Policy Institute and a senior lecturer in law at the Peres Academic Center, joined Arutz Sheva - Israel National News to speak about the sanctions imposed by the USA against Israelis.

‘’We have to realize that the sanctions actually have an impact,’’ he began. ‘’You may think a single person sanctioned isn’t so bad, but the truth is it might be a disaster for the settlements. The president declared that in his perspective, almost every activity that contradicts US policy to promote the two-state solution might be sanctioned, which means sanctioning the people working there, the companies, the banks, government officials, the IDF - they might sanction every activity in the West Bank. We might see something similar regarding the pressures that Israel should agree to a Palestinian state.’’

He claims that the sanctions indicate the USA is trying to regain influence in the region. ‘’Since 1967 we have been in a very delicate dance with international law, the international community, and the Americans. Now that we have given much more publicity for this policy in the West Bank, that annoys them, and so they intervene and sanction a very close ally like they did to Cuba, Iran, and Sudan. It’s a disaster.’’

Dr. Friedman gave another possible reason for the sanctions. ‘’One reason for the sanctions is internal American policy and politics. The president has to pay the price for the progress in his party. He's now in an election year.’’

Israel can take some steps to defend itself, though. ‘’The government ministers should reduce their tone, be more moderate, work under the radar, not force the administration to confront declarations and explain them to his audience. This way, we might reduce attention and enforce the law in the West Bank in practice, and make a reasonable person responsible for what's going on there.’’