The grafitti in Huwara
The grafitti in HuwaraFighting for Life

Just four days after the IDF left positions that it had been securing in the Samaria city of Huwara and withdrew several companies of soldiers that had been permanently stationed in the area, swastikas and praise for Hamas and Islamic Jihad were spray painted on the guard posts.

Residents of the area said, “Removing soldiers from the city was carried out in direct opposition to the promise from the IDF to the residents a few days ago that the military force securing the road would not be removed.”

On Monday, Arabs threw rocks at Jewish cars driving on the Huwara bypass road that had been recently opened. No one was wounded but damage was done to one of the cars.

The “Fighting For Life” protest organization, which organizes protests against terrorism in Judea and Samaria, stated: "However much the security forces attempt to deny the lessons of the past, the reality will still slap it in the face. For years, we have said in every possible way that wherever there is no Jewish presence and settlement there will be terrorism, and just four days after the IDF left the Nazi city, terrorist graffiti is freely painted on the IDF's own positions.”

“The only reason that a war did not break out in Judea and Samaria at the same time as the south is the determination and inflexibility of the reservists stationed here against the enemy, and the reduction of their areas of movement that impeded the ability to carry out attacks and clarified to the Arabs that what was will not be. Now, over the last few months, General Fox is attempting to return matters to the way they were and instituting a series of leniencies that abandon and reduce the area of movement of the forces that he commands, and the wave of terrorism is only getting stronger.”

“Removing checkpoints, opening roads, and withdrawing forces from the city are dangerous not only locally, but in that they express weakness and defeatism to the enemy. We call for the IDF to return the troops and roadblocks that were removed before the day is out, and allow the soldiers to take full and determined action against the enemy.”