Photos of the hostages
Photos of the hostagesMiriam Alster/FLASH90

Israel Hayom has reported that the Hamas terror group ultimately is aiming to force Israel to end the war without receiving anything - not even the hostages - in return.

Hamas on Monday night informed Qatar and Egypt that it rejects the US proposal for a prisoner swap. On Tuesday, Hamas leader Ismail Haniyeh will arrive in Tehran from the United Arab Emirates. In Tehran, he is expected to meet top Iranian leaders.

Earlier this week, it became clear that as part of the US proposal, Israel agreed to a detailed plan which would include the release of 700 terrorists, including those serving life sentences, in exchange for just 40 hostages in the first stage. In addition, Arab media reported that Israel agreed to a gradual return of Gazans to their homes in northern Gaza - a step which Israel previously promised would not happen until all the hostages are freed - but refused a complete cessation of the war and a full retreat from Gaza.

Israel waited for Hamas' response for an entire day, during which the terror group blamed Israel for thwarting negotiations. Parallel to this, the United Nations Security Council called for a ceasefire in Gaza. The US did not see this resolution as obligatory, but other members of the United Nations (UN) are likely to attempt to implement it immediately, as the Palestinian Authority demands.

Hamas praised the UN resolution, saying, "We emphasize the need to achieve a permanent ceasefire which will lead to complete withdrawal of Israeli forces from the Gaza Strip, and for a return of the residents to their homes. We are willing to conduct an immediate prisoner swap."

Israel Hayom reported that afterwards, senior Hamas terrorist Mohammad Nazzal, who is in Turkey, was less official and revealed the terror group's true hopes: "The Security Council resolution is an important step. It will isolate the State of Israel even more. The US' abstention from vetoing the resolution is a clear message from Washington to the Netanyahu government. Biden must atone for his support of the aggression in Gaza, and force Netanyahu to end the war."

About an hour later, Hamas issued an official statement on the negotiations, which will likely put an end to the current round of talks: "We announced to the brokers that we are steadfast in our position and vision, which we submitted on the 14 of March this year. Israel's response does not answer any of the basic demands of our nation and its opposition - a general ceasefire, withdrawal from Gaza, the return of the uprooted, and a realistic prisoner swap."

On Monday night, Israel renewed its airstrikes in Gaza.