Katz speaks at UN Security Council meeting
Katz speaks at UN Security Council meetingShlomi Amsalem/Foreign Ministry

The US did not veto the UN's call for a ceasefire during Ramadan which did not call to free the hostages.

Israel’s patience with the United Nations (UN) has finally – and justifiably – exploded – with the first signs of it Israel’s Foreign Minister - Israel Katz - calling out the UN Secretary -General Antonio Guterres, the UN and its agencies as being both antisemitic and anti-Israel.

Katz made Israel’s contempt and frustration with the UN unambiguously clear with this blistering broadside on X:

Guterres, the UN and UNRWA have seemingly gone out of their way to prevent Israel speedily chasing down and eliminating those monsters from Gaza who invaded Israel on 7 October 2023 - slaughtering babies, raping women, burning whole families alive, and taking hundreds of innocent civilians hostages to Gaza - whilst internally displacing 150000 Israelis from their destroyed homes to seek shelter in other areas of Israel.

In a shocking policy decision – the United Nations has refused for the last five months to move Gaza’s children, women, the sick and the elderly from Gaza to the 50 refugee camps run by UNRWA outside Gaza – keeping them penned in Gaza instead – where they continue to serve as human shields prolonging Israel’s hunt for those responsible for the atrocities committed on 7 October 2023. And an excuse for excoriating israel and trying to prevent the IDF from attacking Rafah.

Five unsuccessful attempts to procure a ceasefire have seen the Security Council exposed as an emperor without clothes – disgracefully seeking to let those Gazan monsters off the hook for their heinous crimes – rather than supporting Israel’s attempts to uproot them and pay a heavy price for their inhumane and genocidal barbarism.

Guterres has been trotting out his monthly mantra that Jews do not have the right to live in Judea and Samaria ('West Bank') – even though Jews have the right to do so under article 80 of the UN Charter. Acting in violation of the UN Charter apparently means nothing to Secretary-General Guterres as he falsely charges Jews with stealing someone else’s land.

Guterres has been responsible for filing only documents from 1947 – not from 1917 - with the International Court of Justice in relation to the UN General Assembly seeking the Court’s advisory opinion on the Legal Consequences arising from the Policies and Practices of Israel in the Occupied Palestinian Territory, including East Jerusalem. The Court’s opinion will be based only on those documents lodged by Guterres– which will exclude the Court considering the 1922 Mandate for Palestine and the 1936 Peel Commission.

Guterres has been the UN front man – supported by UNESCO head Tor Wennesland - pushing for the creation of an independent Palestinian Arab state between Israel and Jordan as called for in Security Council Resolution 2334 adopted on 23 December 2016 – when Obama refrained from vetoing it - that misleadingly claims Jews have no legal right to live anywhere west of the Jordan River. Rescinding Resolution 2334 remains an imperative to rectifying this anti-Jewish canard.

Guterres and Wennesland have refused for the last 18 months to bring before the Security Council for its consideration an alternative solution emanating from Saudi Arabia - authored by an advisor to Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed Bin Salman: The Hashemite Kingdom of Palestine solution published in Al Arabiya News on 8 June 2022. Their extraordinary decision ensures the 100 years-old Jewish-Arab conflict will continue – not end.

Dry Bones - UN ignores antisemitism tsunami
Dry Bones - UN ignores antisemitism tsunamiY. Kirschen

Emboldened by these clearly anti-Israel UN decisions – increasingly strident Moslems have caused Jewish communities worldwide to become greatly concerned for their own safety as they foment demonstrations around the globe calling for Palestine from the River to the Sea to be free of Jews – supported by lawyers from Australia to artists in the USA signing letters calling for a ceasefire in the Israel-Gaza War.

Under Guterres’s leadership the UN has become the epicentre for fostering anti-Israel hatred and Jew-hatred.

The UN has lost its moral compass and is sowing the seeds for its own demise.

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