A post uploaded to the Israeli Embassy in Singapore's official Facebook raised the ire of the local government which called for the post's deletion.

The post, which was deleted later in the day, compared the mentions of Israel and Palestine in the Quran, stating: "Israel is mentioned 43 times in the Quran. On the other hand, Palestine is not mentioned even once."

It added: "Each and every archeological evidence – maps, documents, coins, link the land of Israel to the Jewish people as the indigenous people of the land."

Law and Home Affairs Minister K Shanmugam told local media on Monday he was "very upset" when he became aware of the post.

He said the Home Affairs Ministry had informed the Foreign Affairs Ministry, which told the Israeli embassy that the post had to be taken down immediately.

"The post is wrong at many levels," Shanmugam insisted. "First, it is insensitive and inappropriate. It carries the risk of undermining our safety, security, and harmony in Singapore.

“We look after the safety of everyone in Singapore – majority and minorities including Jews and Muslims," he added.

The Minister threatened that the post could affect Jews in Singapore noting that posts like this can “inflame tensions and can put the Jewish community here at risk. The anger from the post can potentially spill over into the physical realm."

He added that "it is wrong to selectively point to religious texts to make a political point. Even worse, in this current situation, for the Israeli embassy to make use of the Quran for this purpose."

The minister went as far as to claim the post was an "astonishing attempt to rewrite history."

"The writer of the post should look at UN regulations, see if Israel's actions in the past few decades have been consistent with international law, before trying to rewrite history."

With this the Minister stressed that the government did not intervene with the post on that basis, but because of the "potential consequences for the different communities in Singapore."