Aid to Gaza airdropped by the US
Aid to Gaza airdropped by the USReuters

The US Army, in coordination with the Jordanian Air Force, on Sunday once again airdropped humanitarian aid into the northern Gaza Strip.

“US Central Command and the Royal Jordanian Air Force conducted a combined humanitarian assistance airdrop into Northern Gaza on March 24, 2024, at 12:18 p.m. (Gaza time) to provide essential relief to civilians in Gaza affected by the ongoing conflict,” the Army said in a statement.

“The combined joint operation included Jordanian provided food and a US Air Force C-130 aircraft. A U.S. C-130 dropped 13,080 meal equivalents, including rice, flour, milk, pasta, and canned foods, providing life-saving humanitarian assistance in Northern Gaza,” the statement added.

In noted that the airdrops “are part of a sustained effort, and we continue to plan follow-on aerial deliveries.”

The Biden administration was initially against airdropping aid to Gaza, but warmed up to the idea after Jordan conducted several rounds of such airdrops.

The first airdrop took place in early March and saw US C-130 aircraft dropping 38,000 meals along the Gaza coastline. There have been several other rounds since.

The US has also announced plans for a temporary pier on the coast of Gaza that would receive large shipments carrying food, water, medicine and temporary shelter and provide aid to the Strip.

A US official said last week that the United States is aiming for the pier to be ready before May 1.

President Joe Biden has said that Israel will provide security for the port.