Bibas family
Bibas familyCourtesy of the family

Hundreds of people demonstrated in New York’s Central Park on Sunday, calling for the release of the hostages who have been held by Hamas in Gaza since October 7.

The demonstrators wore Batman masks and black capes, in honor of four-year-old Ariel Bibas and his baby brother Kfir, who were kidnapped on October 7 along with their parents Shiri and Yarden Bibas.

The two brothers dressed up as Batman last Purim.

Morris Schneider, the uncle of Shiri Bibas, spoke at the demonstration and said, "On October 7, innocent children were kidnapped from their homes. Entire families. The international community is not doing enough. Too many people have already gotten used to the situation, and it cannot continue. There is nothing normal about a four-year-old child and a one-year-old baby who have been held captive by a terrorist organization for 170 days."

Last month, the IDF published footage showing Shiri and her two children in Gaza after they were kidnapped on October 7.

In the video, which was taken in Khan Yunis, the three are alive, but it was taken shortly after the kidnapping and it is unknown what condition they are in today.

Kfir Bibas, who was just nine months old on October 7, was the youngest person to be kidnapped during the Hamas massacre. He turned one year old while in captivity.