Bathrooms (illustrative)
Bathrooms (illustrative)iStock

Israel Police are investigating a series of incidents in which women's privacy was harmed, by means of cameras placed in the bathrooms at Ben Gurion International Airport.

The investigation was opened in early March 2024, upon receipt of a complaint by a representative of a delivery company, after something suspected of being a camera was discovered in the women's bathroom.

Investigators arrested the suspect, who has been identified as a truck driver who works for a company. The suspect, in his 40s, is believed to have set the cameras up. Searches carried out by police officers uncovered digital set-ups which seem to hold proof of criminal activity.

During the investigation, the interrogators viewed photos and video clips from the digital means, and by means of careful but intense efforts they succeeded in identifying five different places in which dozens of women of various ages were taped, over the course of years, in violation of their privacy.

The suspect's arrest has been extended multiple times, in accordance with the findings and needs of the invetigation. On Sunday, a prosecutor's statement will be filed against the suspect, with the intention of filing an indictment against him, as well as a request for the extension of his arrest.