Yair Netanyahu
Yair NetanyahuAvshalom Sassoni/Flash90

Protest activist Ofir Gutelson, who lives in California, was contacted by the Jewish Department of the ISA to be careful about publishing the location of the Prime Minister and his family, due to fears of attacks against Yair Netanyahu.

Haaretz reports that Gutelson received a telephone call from an unidentified number last week. When he didn't answer, he received a WhatsApp message from an individual calling himself Gavri from the ISA Jewish Department.

During his correspondence, Gavri sent a voice note identifying himself as an ISA agent and giving the names and identification numbers of several members of Gutelson’s family.

Following the voice note, Gutelson agreed to speak with Gavri, asked him to be particularly careful about publishing details regarding the prime minister's family, as Israel was in a sensitive period.

The ISA responded to the report: “The ISA has responsibility for the security of the Prime Minister's family by power of the ministerial committee's decision. Publishing the personal location of protected individuals is liable to expose such individuals to terrorists, and especially during a time when the ISA has identified a growing trend of threats against Jews and Israelis outside of Israel.”

“In light of this, and when necessary for the execution of its duty and responsibilities according to the law, the ISA finds it necessary in certain cases to explain the potential implications of revealing locations of this kind in light of the growing threats against those under security outside of israel.”

“Let there be no doubt - protests and provocations, including against protected individuals, are of no interest to the ISA.”