Bezalel Smotrich and Prime Minister Netanyahu
Bezalel Smotrich and Prime Minister NetanyahuAMIT SHABI/POOL

A secret meeting was held recently between two senior Israeli officials and a senior member of the Fatah party, the party that rules the Palestinian Authority, to discuss the issue of ruling the Gaza Strip after the war, Channel 13 reported.

Representing the State of Israel was the Coordinator for Government Activities in Territories and a very high-up Shin Bet official.

According to the report, it is unclear if Prime Minister Netanyahu approved the meeting and his office did not comment on the matter, but in general such meetings require his approval.

National Security Minister Itamar Ben-Gvir commented on the report: "The report, according to which senior figures in the IDF and Shin Bet with a senior figure in the Fatah terror organization raises many questions regarding the conduct of the professional echelon. I expect the Prime Minister to clarify if he sanctioned and ordered the meetings with a Fatah official, or if the Defense Minister and the professional echelon did this independently.

"If the Prime Minister is really interested in total victory, he must clearly dismiss the idea of the PA, which funds murderers, ruling the Gaza Strip after the war," Ben-Gvir added.

Finance Minister Bezalel Smotrich mentioned that "the cabinet decided unequivocally that the PLO is not an option for the day after the war in Gaza.

"If the meeting in question was held without the authority of the political echelon, this is a severe action at the highest level. On the other hand, if the Prime Minister knows of this and does it against the decision of the cabinet, this is a severe action at the highest level. Either way, a clarification is required. Not for me, but for the Israeli public."