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Over there on YouTube, podcaster Patrick bet-David is of the opinion that, like Rome, American civilization is on the verge of collapse due to strife and corruption.

In 100 years, at this rate, we will be rubble. Like that movie “Planet of the Apes,” where the only thing left standing is the Statue of Liberty.

Ravaged by mendacity and domestic squabbles, this future is coming, if not for ourselves, then for our kids.

True…and for me, nothing says strife and corruption like Trump derangement syndrome.

Check out Joe Scarborough and Robert de Niro to get a picture of what that looks like from just two foaming at the mouth liberals.

Rich and famous and yet dumb and dumber. To say wisdom comes with age, is often folly.

Nor is there anything subtle from the media…I’m thinking TV here, ABC, NBC, CBS…who make it a nightly habit to twist and misrepresent Donald Trump.

They keep gratuitously replaying Jan 6, which, as we wrote here, in “Writings,” is Purim for Democrats.

They’ve got groggers to be used each time Trump’s name is mentioned, duplicating Haman.

The worst of them is ABC’s David Muir, who inherited his smooth but snarky delivery from Israel-basher Peter Jennings.

No Walter Cronkite he, or any of them…who discombobulate nearly everything Trump says…like the recent “bloodbath” business.

Whatever it takes, they want Trump’s head on a platter, and if it means the whole country goes down with him, kaput, they are fine with this.

For Democrats, the Party comes First.

They have poisoned the air of America, and they will do anything to win, and they have no shame. They know nothing of goodness and mercy. Lying comes naturally to them.

(A book to read in contrast is Rabbi David Nesenoff’s “I Never Met The Rebbe Many Times.”)

Tell me, is there a difference between DA Fani Willis in Georgia and AG Latisha James in New York? Are they sisters, twins? They look alike, think alike and hate Trump, without cause, with the same venomous bitchery. Which is why they make up stories about him and chalk up wins because they find judges as crooked as themselves.

We all saw the spectacle in that New York courtroom. The judge ruled against Trump even before he heard a word of testimony.

Reminder…this is happening in America.

You caught how he, the judge, kept profiling himself for the camera, and how Latisha sat there pleasuring herself knowing she had caught the canary.

Just like that, and Trump became her plaything. She owns him, this man who IS New York.

Now, if he doesn’t come up with more than $400 million, she intends to really rub it in. by padlocking or taking over all his properties.

This is justice, as styled and played by the Democrats.

Can you still Love New York? Sinatra would never recognize the place…which has become a dumping ground for illegal migrants.

Walt Whitman slept here? Nowadays it’s room service and caviar for the men who schlepped over from Venezuela, Honduras and Guatemala.

Real Americans must wait in lines at schools and hospitals while those Biden scofflaws get served first…and it’s happening.

Diseases, like measles and chicken pox, later TB, are breaking out in schools where the illegals have arrived without being vaccinated. This was bound to happen.

Thank Joe Biden for this.

Election day Nov. 5 can’t come fast enough for the sake of America, and for the safety of Israel. Before then, Biden can do much more damage to us and to the Israelis.

Trump is the man who during his time in office gave us a good economy, no wars, illegal migrants down to a trickle, and for Israel, the US Embassy in Jerusalem, and the Abraham Accords. He promises. He delivers. He will do so again if American voters wise up, and if the election, this time, is fair and square.

The Dems say that if Trump wins the November election, it is the end of Democracy. He will be a dictator. He will get even with the many who vilified him.

I hope so.

New York-based bestselling American novelist Jack Engelhard writes regularly for Arutz Sheva.

He wrote the worldwide book-to-movie bestseller “Indecent Proposal,” the authoritative newsroom epic, “The Bathsheba Deadline,” followed by his coming-of-age classics, “The Girls of Cincinnati,” and, the Holocaust-to-Montreal memoir, “Escape from Mount Moriah.” For that and his 1960s epic “The Days of the Bitter End,” contemporaries have hailed him “The last Hemingway, a writer without peer, and the conscience of us all.” Contact here.

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