UNRWA aid trucks in Gaza
UNRWA aid trucks in GazaAtia Mohammed/ Flash90

Israeli security officials are secretly creating a plan to distribute humanitarian aid in Gaza without Hamas' intervention, the Wall Street Journal reported.

The secret plan - which could potentially create a government in Gaza - has sparked backlash from the Hamas terror group, as well as opposition in Israel's War Cabinet.

Under the plan, humanitarian aid would enter Gaza by land and sea, after Israeli inspection, and it would be brought to storehouses where Gazans would distribute it. Those in charge of the distribution would assume, after the war's end, authority to govern Gaza, officials said.

According to WSJ, the aid effort does not currently have the backing of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, since some of those involved would be affiliated with the terror-supporting Fatah party, which is currently led by Palestinian Authority chief Mahmoud Abbas.

A senior official from the Prime Minister's Office clarified to WSJ that, "Gaza will be run by those who do not seek to kill Israelis."

According to the report, a top Israeli defense official has held talks with the United Arab Emirates, Egypt, and Jordan, in an attempt to build regional support for the plan.

Meanwhile, Hamas has threatened anyone who considers supporting the Israeli plan: In a statement on March 10, just after the efforts began, Hamas said, "Accepting communication with the occupation forces by heads of families and tribes for work in the Gaza Strip is considered national betrayal, which we will not allow." Those working with Israel are labeled "traitors" and threatened with death.