David Cameron
David CameronREUTERS/Stoyan Nenov

Britain, which is considered an ally to Israel, has declared that it will no longer sell weapons to Israel unless Israel allows Red Cross personnel to visit the Nukhba force terrorists being held prisoner for carrying out the October 7th massacre.

The ultimatum comes on the background of Hamas' continued refusal to allow Red Cross personnel to visit the Israeli hostages.

David Cameron, the British Foreign Minister, told Israel that if the demand is not met, Britain will support an embargo on arms sales from all of Europe.

The British, who have been leading the fight for Israel to allow the visits to the captured terrorists, claim that Israel is violating international law and must allow the Red Cross to visit them.

Israel has stated that it has the authority to prevent visits for security reasons. Political officials have expressed displeasure with the British approach, and Foreign Minister Israel Katz has told his British counterparts that decisions that impede Israel act to help Hamas and give it the legitimacy to increase its demands during prisoner exchange negotiations.

Canada and Italy have already decided not to sell Israel weapons during the war for reasons connected to internal laws of each country. The decisions are largely declarative, as Israel has not purchased weapons from Canada for many years and has only made minor purchases from Italy.