Ayelet Samerano, mother of hostage Yonatan Samerano, who was murdered and his body kidnapped to Gaza, on Wednesday morning criticized left-wing protesters demonstrating outside the home of Knesset Speaker Amir Ohana (Likud).

In her statements, Samerano criticized at least one protester for using her son's photo during the demonstration.

Turning to one female protester wearing a shirt bearing her son's photo, Samerano said, "Take off that shirt, because you're not protesting here because of that. My child is kidnapped and you are using his photo."

To another protester she said, "You don't want them to come back - you mainly want to bring down the government."

Later, Samerano pointed out, "You are disturbing the residents, you woke up babies, sick people, the elderly, for your own private agenda, and not to bring back the hostages, among whom is my son."