Tefillin stand in Tel Aviv, archive
Tefillin stand in Tel Aviv, archiveTomer Neuberg, Flash 90

The mayor of Tel Aviv signed a coalition agreement with Meretz, in which he pledged to increase enforcement against tefillin stands outside schools.

The agreement also states that "the municipality will not allow religious coercion, exclusion or separation of women or any sector of the public, or any manifestation of racism in the public arena, as well as refraining from supporting or funding bodies calling for racism or discrimination of sectors."

MK Matan Kahane responded to the agreement, writing that "Huldai's coalition agreement with Meretz takes us back to the days before 7/10."

"Over the years, under the leadership of Ron Huldai, the residents of Tel Aviv lived in peace and harmony with each other and enabled the city's diverse populations to express their individual way of life."

He added: "Over the past year, in light of the terrible social divide we experienced, extremist elements dragged the social discourse to horrible places."

"I call on you, Mr. Mayor, not to fall into divisive and inflammatory discourse. I trust that you know how to continue striking the right balances, as was before past terrible year."