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On Wednesday, Israel's youth soccer team will know who they will face in the Olympic soccer tournament in Paris this summer.

This will be the Israeli team's third time ever in the Olympic games, after 1968 in Mexico City in 1976 in Montreal. The team secured its playoff spot in 2023, and was stopped only by the English team in the finals.

Israel has been assigned to the fourth tier in the Olympics, and its opponent will be drawn tomorrow. It cannot be assigned a European opponent for a home game.

Israel can be assigned to face Egypt and Iraq.

Malaysia and Indonesia have in the past refused to host the Israeli team in the World Cup.

The Olympics in Paris will not have a defending champion, as the Brazilian team - the gold medalist of the last Olympics - did not qualify this year.

Israel's last quarterfinal game in 1976 was against Brazil, and it lost 4:1.

The upcoming Olympics will include 16 teams, divided into four houses, with the two best teams in each house going to a quarterfinal.