One of the findings that led to the determination that kidnapped IDF soldier Oz Daniel was murdered by Hamas terrorists is a video of the kidnapping that came into the hands of the IDF, Kan 11 News reported on Monday.

According to the report, Daniel is seen in the video fighting the terrorists before being shot dead. The footage that reached the IDF shows that Hamas edited the video of the kidnapping already on October 7 so that it would appear that Daniel was kidnapped while he was still alive.

The body of Daniel, who was kidnapped with his tankmates into the Gaza Strip, is still being held by Hamas.

According to the report, the full video was captured by the IDF. Paired with forensic evidence, additional videos from the Gaza Strip and an interrogation of a captured Nukhba terrorist, the findings confirmed that Daniel fell on October 7.

The report also noted that that the crew of the hijacked tank was photographed by Hamas about a month and a half before the massacre. The parents of the soldiers said that their sons were photographed for a long time by Hamas, who monitored the daily routines of the soldiers.