A Jewish teacher at a Brooklyn high School has been removed from her position after complaining about Nazi-themed harassment and vandalism in the institution.

The New York Post reports that Superintendent Michael Prayor made the decision to move global history teacher Danielle Kaminsky from Origins HS, just two days after she returned to work after another series of incidents.

The Department of Education stated: “Teachers are only transferred upon their request.”

The school superintendent has expressed sympathy with a team who drew a Hitler mustache on his face and walked between classrooms giving the Nazi salute. He was described as having suffered greatly and needing a lot of support.

Previously, campus manager Michael Beaudry spoke up about the antisemitic and anti-LGBTQ hate he witnessed at Origins, as well as lax discipline for bias and bullying among students. He has been reassigned as well.

Kaminsky has also found graffiti containing direct death threats to her, as well as pro-Pallestinian graffiti - especially since the October 7th massacre.

Although she has since accepted another position in a different school, she claims that she will continue to be targeted regardless of her institution. “They're trying to shut us up. They don't want us in the district,” she claimed.