Hundreds of protesters demanding a ceasefire in Gaza and calling for an end to US military assistance for Israel blocked the international terminal at the San Francisco International Airport on Wednesday, Reuters reported.

Footage from the scene showed protesters carrying banners with messages such as "Permanent Ceasefire Now," "Stop the World for Gaza" and "Stop Arming Israel." An ABC News affiliate put the number of demonstrators at over 300.

Airport officials said the international terminal remained open but passengers were re-routed around the activity. Activists blocked the roadway outside the airport, marched in circles and chanted slogans.

Protests demanding a ceasefire in Gaza have occurred in many US cities in recent months. Last month, multiple anti-Israel protesters were arrested after they used cars to halt traffic at the Brooklyn Bridge and two major tunnels during rush hour.

In late December, 26 protesters were arrested during an anti-Israel demonstration that blocked a road to John F. Kennedy International Airport.

A day later, pro-Palestinian Arab protesters shut down the entrance to the World Trade Center in New York City.