Geert Wilders
Geert WildersReuters

Dutch right-wing politician Geert Wilders said on Wednesday he was ready to forego the job of prime minister in an effort to facilitate the formation of a new right-wing government, Reuters reported.

Wilders, whose PVV party won the elections in November, has been in talks with potential allies since then -- more than 100 days -- but they have borne no fruit. A negotiator appointed to assist in the process is due to report to parliament on his findings on Thursday.

"I can only become the prime minister if ALL the parties in the coalition supported it. That was not the case," Wilders said in a statement.

"I really want a right (wing) cabinet. Less asylum and immigration... Love for my country and the voters is big and more important than my own position," he added.

Dutch national broadcaster NOS had earlier reported that Wilders was prepared to give up his hopes of becoming prime minister as he struggles to form a viable government.

Wilders said on February 14 he was willing to consider "all options" to form a government, a minority government or an "extraparliamentary" government, rather than call new elections.

Wilders, a staunch supporter of Israel, is also known for his tough views on Islam, with his party having previously vowed to close mosques and “ban the Quran” in its manifesto.

His stance against Islam has in the past sparked outrage around the Muslim world and prompted death threats that have led to him living under round-the-clock protection.

In 2015, Wilders caused a storm in his country after he announced plans to broadcast cartoons of the Prophet Mohammad, the founder of Islam, on national television.

Wilders canceled a similar contest several years ago after police arrested a man who had threatened to kill him over his plan.

In 2020, a Dutch court cleared Wilders of inciting hatred and discrimination, but upheld his conviction for insulting a racial group after he led calls for "fewer Moroccans" in the Netherlands at a rally several years prior.