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Ryanair planeReuters

The airline Ryanair announced today (Wednesday) that it is again suspending all flights to and from Israel, only a month after resuming flights to the Jewish State.

The cancellations will continue through the summer months and may last through the Jewish High Holidays in the fall. Flights to 26 destinations throughout Europe will be affected.

Ryanair stated that the decision to suspend flights was the result of the airline being “forced by Ben Gurion International Airport to operate at the more expensive Terminal 3, which resulted in significantly higher costs and would have resulted in much higher air fares for Ryanair passengers traveling to and from Tel Aviv.”

Ryanair CEO Eddie Wilson further stated that it was unreasonable to ask “passengers to pay higher airfares while Ben Gurion International Airport keeps the low-cost Terminal 1 closed and forces our flights into the high-cost Terminal 3, charging fees which were never agreed by Ryanair.”

Ryanair, like multiple other airlines, originally suspended flights to and from Israel following the outbreak of the war on October 7 and the danger of rocket attacks on Ben Gurion Airport from the Hamas-controlled Gaza Strip. The airline resumed flights on February 1 as the threat of rocket attacks from Gaza fell with the depletion of Hamas' supply of rockets and the destruction of much of its military capabilities.

In place of Ryanair, flights to Europe will be conducted by the airlines Wizz Air, which has already resumed flights to and from Israel, and Easyjet, which is scheduled to resume flights on March 25.