Montana Tucker
Montana TuckerArutz Sheva | Courtesy

Montana Tucker, Jewish TikTok influencer, slams Jonathan Glazer, Oscar award winner, on her social media, for his speech at the Oscar awards, where he renounced his Judaism because of the war in Gaza.

The following is Tucker's full post:

Let’s talk about the Oscars. As amazing as Ryan Gosling’s “I’m just Ken” performance was, and I’m obsessed with it. I am very, very, very disappointed. Jonathan Glazer, how dare you? As a granddaughter of Holocaust survivors, how dare you make a movie about the Holocaust, win an Oscar for it, and then renounce your Judaism? How dare you? You’re not bringing peace, you’re not ending the war, you’re not bringing back the hostages, you’re not bringing humanitarian aid into Gaza by making that comment. You are causing more harm for Jews around the world for a comment like that.

I know myself, any other descendant of a Holocaust survivor is extremely disappointed and ashamed. You refuting your Judaism, in honor of six million Jews that were gassed, murdered, during the Holocaust is shameful. You had such an opportunity to get up there, to talk about your film, and call for peace, call for the return of the hostages, end this war. You had that opportunity, but instead you denounced your Judaism, you said that Israel’s causing the second Holocaust. What a shame to your ancestors, to all the people that perished in the Holocaust, and any descendants of Holocaust survivors right now and Jews around the world.

Not only am I upset with that, I am also so upset with not seeing one yellow ribbon, one call for the return of the hostages, yet many, many people called for a ceasefire with their pins, but not one did I see calling for the return of the hostages. I went to the Grammy’s and I used my platform and my opportunity to call for the return of the hostages. Why aren’t more people doing this? Why? We need more people to speak up. We can’t stay silent. If you’re going to watch a film about the Holocaust and talk about the Holocaust, Jews didn’t have a voice back then. We have a voice now. We have to use it and we have to speak up and do something.

After last night many may say it’s even a scarier time to be a Jew, but this has only fueled me even more. I want to continue to scream louder! I want to continue to post more and show everybody that I’m a proud and loud Jew and I will not stop. We all need to do the same.

By the way, it didn’t matter if you renounced your Judaism. If you’re a Jew, you’re a Jew. And if the Holocaust were to happen again, it doesn’t matter how rich, how famous, how successful, if you say you’re Jewish or not Jewish, if you are Jewish, you would be in the Holocaust. Stop being silent and continue to speak out and do something. We all do have a voice and we all have the power to make a real change.

Am Yisrael Chai. I’ve never been prouder to be a Jew!