Netanyahu and Biden
Netanyahu and BidenPhoto: GPO Video

Who do you fear more, Israel, US President Joe Biden or God?

Who do fear more, Prime Minister Netanyahu, Biden or God?

It is nice to have a Compassionate Father in Heaven, whom we can pray to and rely upon for all our needs, while not feeling overly pressured or fearful of Him directly, but this is a false sense of security. More than any friend or foe, we must fear and revere the Lord our God foremost.

So, we have a ruthless Amalekite enemy hiding out in its last strongholds in the Gaza Strip, and Biden says not to route them out. Biden says, don’t you dare attack Rafah. The Hamas leadership is likely in Rafah, and perhaps the remaining hostages, but Biden forbids us from entering that terrorist enclave. Should we listen to him?

With all respect to you, Joe Biden, who are you to tell us not to route out evil? Are you now a supporter of terrorism?

And with all respect to you, Bibi Netanyahu, who do you fear more, Biden or God? And who do you serve, America or Israel? Are you the Prime Minister of Israel or a US agent? You’ve committed a whole nation, and hundreds of thousands of its fighting men, to a war against Hamas, to rid the earth of this evil. Will you call it off?

Biden might be on the last legs of his political journey, and he is likely in the twilight of his life, but he remains the commander-in-chief of what is regarded as the strongest army on earth. His word certainly holds clout in this world, but nothing compared to God.

And Biden is allegedly on our side, helping us defeat Hamas, so what is he talking about? Why would he ask us not to finish off the job? Could he really be serious? He’s certainly not making any sense. Is he trying to save Hamas?

In situations like these, as with all consequential decisions in anyone’s life, you need only look to God. What would God have us do? Spare evil? Betray your people? Serve someone else in place of God?

Biden might be the US President, but he is wrong. We do not need to make the same mistakes that he does. Hamas is evil and must be wiped out. We are obligated to destroy them and to do justice. We must learn to fear people less and to fear God a lot more. That is the way of righteousness.