IDF forces (archive)
IDF forces (archive)IDF

Terrorists detonated an IED near a group of Israelis near the Samaria town of Homesh. Four Israelis have been reported injured so far.

A helicopter and large numbers of soldiers have been rushed to the area to search for the terrorists.

An initial investigation shows that the terrorists first fired at an IDF post, upon which reinforcements were sent to search for the terrorists. The terrorists then detonated the IED near the reinforcements.

Earlier today, Muhammad Shalabi, a member of Islamic Jihad, was assassinated by the IDF in Silat al-Harithiya due to his intention to carry out an attack in the near future.

The terrorist had an M16 and magazines in his possession. The IDF claims that he was involved in shooting attacks, preparing IEDs, and moving terrorist funds.

Last night, Israeli Security forces arrested nine suspects in Judea and samaria. More than 3,500 suspects have been arrested since October 7th, of which more than 1500 have been connected to Hamas.

A security source commented on the attack: “This is an extremely serious incident, and we are currently searching for the terrorists, whom we will eventually capture. Over the last week, we have arrested more than a hundred terrorists and killed several more, among them those who had planned to carry out attacks, as part of a joint effort by the IDF, ISA, and Israel Police. We are working around the clock in cooperation with all security forces to reach those terrorists and either arrest or kill them while they are still within their cities or villages.”