As tensions rise between the two countries, North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un participated in a military exercise that included conquering South Korean military outposts.

North Korea did not officially acknowledge that the exercise involved attacking South Korea, but footage of the event leaves no room for doubt as to the exercise's goal. Among the scenarios practiced was an attack on the border and an air assault to land troops beyond the fortifications and checkpoints between North and South Korea.

Among the potential scenarios feared by South Korea is the use of helicopters to land soldiers and neutralize positions in a manner similar to that used by Hamas during the October 7th massacre, when Hamas troops used powered paragliders to bypass Israel's border wall and UAVs to drop charges and destroy border fortifications.

During the exercise, Kim Jong-un called for his nation to increase its preparations for war and gave instructions that more exercises should be held to simulate a real battlefield.

Pictures of the exercise showed North Korean soldiers firing guided antitank missiles, rockets, and other weapons.

North Korea released an official statement saying that the exercise simulated military operations in a central training base in the country's western region.

The exercise closely follows a large-scale exercise carried out by the USA and South Korea last Monday, which North Korea declared to be provocative.