Shiri Ram, from the Israel Export Institute, spoke to Arutz Sheva – Israel National News, from the Mobile World Congress (MWC), currently being held in Barcelona.

Shiri Ram said, “I am here in Barcelona, for the 15th year, with Israeli startups and also some midsize companies presenting new technologies that have been developed in Israel. Despite all, we are still considered the startup nation and we are presenting some solutions here, from the infrastructure layer, to some the network IOT, Cloud Solutions and, of course, a lot of AI, and some really top notch fun stuff.”

Ram continued, “During these days of the war we definitely had some concerns before arriving here. We didn't know what the welcome would be like, but at the end of the day, we had a great event. We had about 2,000 meetings for the 32 Israeli companies that came with us. The reaction was very businesslike. Nothing special. We know some actions took place out of the venue, but nothing really bad and also I have to say that the local organization of the Mobile World Congress took steps and actions that really kept us safe. So, we focused mostly on doing business.”

Ram added that they did not hide the fact that they are from Israel and “are proud to be Israeli. We were walking around here with the Israeli logo and everybody knew we are from Israel. There is a huge sign above us saying ‘the Israel Pavilion.’ We didn't hide anything.”