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David Franklin Slater, 63, a former senior officer in the US Strategic Command with a high security classification, is accused of sharing classified Pentagon documents about Russia's invasion of Ukraine two years ago, with a man posing as a Ukrainian woman on a dating site.

Slater was arrested three days ago and is accused of "conspiracy to transfer classified information between February and April 2022".

According to the indictment, he met a person on a dating site who claimed to be a woman living in Ukraine and within a short time began sharing confidential information with her. Slater did not suspect anything, even when the "Ukrainian woman" started asking him to reveal secret information to her and even called him "my secret agent" or "my beloved secret informant.”

In one of their conversations, the "Ukrainian woman" asked him questions about US plans regarding the Russian invasion of Ukraine, such as "Dear Dave, do NATO and Biden have a secret plan to help us?" and other questions like "Darling, what is shown on the screens in the special room?? It's very interesting.”

Another question concerned NATO's plans and a possible response to the Russian invasion. "Dave, I hope that tomorrow NATO will prepare a very unpleasant surprise for Putin! Tell me about it?" the "Ukrainian woman" asked on the dating site.

He is scheduled to appear for the first time in court on Tuesday, and if he is convicted of all the indictments against him, he could be sent to prison for up to 30 years.