MK Tzvi Succot
MK Tzvi SuccotIsrael National News

Members of the Knesset's Foreign Affairs and Defense Committee have been invited to deliberations in the subcommittee for Judea and Samaria Affairs. The subcommittee chairman, MK Tzvi Succot, has announced that the deliberations will take place in approximately a week.

The invitations to the session stated that the meeting will focus on “violent and inciting activities of the anarchists of Judea and Samaria, whose primary residence is not in Judea and Samaria.”

The first part of the deliberations will be non-classified. The second will be classified and consist of only members of the subcommittee and security officials who have been invited.

MK Succot stated: “The time has come for the Knesset to discuss the important subject of violence by anarchists from the left who continually hamper the heroic settlers.”

“This lawlessness from the left will stop. We will demand the professaionals provide satisfactory answers and explanations as to how the security system intends to contend with anarchist violence.”

Following the imposition of sanctions on Moshe Sharvit, the brother of fallen soldier Harel Sharvit, MK Succot visited his farm and blamed the left wing activists: “Unfortunately, the British government has imposed strict economic sanctions on us, without evidence or a trial, due to the libel of hostile individuals who make life difficult through violence for several years now despite the indictments against them.”