IDF Spokesman Rear Admiral Daniel Hagari said that the IDF chose to release the recordings of the UNRWA teachers who took part in the Hamas massacre of October 7 in order to "remind" the world so that it does "not forget."

“The massacre committed by Hamas on October 7 is the most documented massacre in history. Hamas terrorists filmed their own cruelty. As time goes by, more and more testimonies are revealed, more intelligence every day,” Hagari said.

“You can hear how the terrorists entered Israeli territory, participated in the massacre, and terror, and captured ‘sabaya,'” he said. "The term 'sabaya' used by this UNRWA worker is an Arabic term meaning 'female captive,' who is a possession of her captor. 'Sabaya' is exactly the same word used by ISIS to describe the Yazidi women they captured and did horrific things to."

“In the conversation, the terrorist on the other side of the line describes a woman as a noble horse,” he continued. “On October 7, Hamas treated young women with cruelty and brutality, kidnapped them from their homes, and treated them like animals."

“How they refer to the hostages as ‘sabaya’ and a ‘noble horse’ keeps us awake at night, and requires the world to shout, as it did for the Yazidi women," he said.

Hagari said that the recordings showed "the dangers the hostages are exposed to, especially the women and children.”

"There is no claiming we did not know," he said of the employment of terrorists by UN organizations. "These terrorists are employed by UNRWA. They receive salaries that are paid by the international community. Donations that are meant for humanitarian purposes, meant to benefit the people of Gaza, are funding mass murderers and rapists.

"Bringing all our hostages home isn't just a mission, it's a moral obligation," Hagari declared.